I have been coming to Lumier Spa for over a year. Madolyn is simply amazing. She listens to what you want and what goals you want to achieve.Her work is absolutely impeccable. I was very fortunate to have found such a kind, caring person to continue making me look fantastic!

Lynne H. July 28, 2023

I wish if there is more than 5 star to give this incredible lady! She has patience and listens to your concerns like none else ! I’ve been going to her number of years and will never change her!

Thanks for being amazing injector and human 🙏🏻 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

S. A. July 28, 2023

Madelein is the absolute best! She is a perfectionist and an ultra professional. I have seen her a number of times for ongoing slider veins. Madelein always works so hard to improve them and I receive excellent results. Look no further than Madelein! 💕

Update 3/28/23:
Another successful appointment with Madelein! She is so professional, skilled and gentle. She always works to make sure your result is amazing. I’ve seen a number of vein specialists and Madelein is by far the best!

Barb I. July 28, 2023

I have been going to Madeline for years and this review is much overdue! She is absolutely amazing and is a true artist! She knows exactly what and where to place the products giving you the desired look you are wanting. She is also the sweetest and kind person which makes her even more wonderful! I am always so excited after the results and look amazing! I highly recommend Madeline to anyone who is wanting to look AMAZING!! Thank you Madeline for all that you do!

Jaimee T. July 28, 2023

Madelein truly cares about the people she transforms! I am an Arizona native and have lived and worked all over Scottsdale. I have never met a business owner in Scottsdale more humble and caring than her! She is INCREDIBLY passionate about achieving YOUR personal goals and doesn’t try to force a sale or force an opinion for the sake of making money like a lot of medspas do in Scottsdale.

I had a lot of questions about how to achieve exactly what I wanted. She actually listened to everything I said and gave ideal and realistic suggestions that were pertinent to my look and my concerns.

I left getting exactly what I envisioned and feeling so beautiful and confident and renewed! Such a beautiful woman inside and out this Madelein! I feel like I now not only have a beauty professional that I can count on and trust… but also a true friend 💜

What an experience!! I will DEFINITELY be back!

Eden P. July 28, 2023

I’ve been going to Madelein for a very long time and never ever got disappointed every time I go there she treated me with her amazing skills and she’s very honest and very very professional at top the of that she’s really listening to my concerns and addresses them carefully , appreciate your work so much ! Highly recommend recommended to every one!

Sura A. July 28, 2023

I’d prefer to give 10 stars! Madelein is literally a magician! I have been a Cancer patient the last 2 years and needless to say, I felt less than myself. Through chemo and weight loss, my face had sunk in. Attempting to avoid wrinkles, I made a Botox appointment where I learned that I have options.

Madelein’s suggestions were Exactly what I was looking for! I didn’t even realize the possibilities! I am so pleasantly surprised with the results! She took her time and explained every step, answered questions and was very patient and thorough! Other than her being Excellent at her craft, she is equally as beautiful of a person! I am so very thankful for Madelein‘s expertise, she significantly contributed towards getting me through such a dark time in my life! Despite having relocated out of state, I AM a Forever client and will return to town if only for an appointment! Literally!

Tralee H. July 28, 2023

It was my first time getting filler and Madelein made me feel so comfortable and did such an amazing job! She blew my mind away with the results on my lips and nose. I encourage you to go with her 11/10!

Tori R. July 28, 2023

Madelein is the best at what she does! She is always caring, professional and takes pride in her work. She goes above and beyond to take care of her clients and meet their needs. I've been a client for years and highly recommend!

Monique R. July 28, 2023

I’ve been seeing Madeleine for years and she’s never failed to go above and beyond. It’s not about just profit for her, she loves what she does and she is extremely honest. She’s professional, affordable and extremely skilled at what she does. She can look at you and determine EXACTLY what needs to be done, and if you can’t do all of it that day, she will prioritize what she thinks you need the most. The thing I love the most is that she uses a cannula to do the fillers. Less pokes, less bruising and because of her experience in the medical field, she knows where blood vessels are so she can avoid them. She sculpts your face with her hands until placement is perfect. She really is amazing at her craft and I highly recommend her for injections, and medical peels. 10 out of 10 for me!!

Jodi S. July 28, 2023

I see Madelein, for all of my facial embellishments! She provides a high level of expertise, patients, professionalism and sincere care for her clients. Her extreme attention to fine details is revealed in all that she does as she highlights the natural contours of every clients face! She used her skills to the fullest and gave me a new nose!!! It has changed my world and I am no longer self conscious about it! I love the way she has softly enhanced my lips, no one ever believes they aren’t my “natural lips” 😃 She never over does anything, always a very natural and long lasting result! I am extremely pleased with the service’s I receive from her and continue to come back when a touch up is required! I always, highly recommend Madelein to my friends and family, they are now her regular clients! See you soon!!:)

Carri B. July 28, 2023

Absolutely LOVE Madeleine. Cannot say enough about her services. She does amazing work and is so sweet, caring and professional. I would recommend her to anyone. She is a absolutely AMAZING 💜

Annette M. July 28, 2023

Maddy is a true artist with the needle. I’m 71 years old and have gotten so many compliments on my face.♥️

Bonnie M. July 28, 2023

She is my queen of beauty !!!

Debbie M. July 28, 2023

Madelein is truly amazing! She can do things I didn’t even think were possible. I call her the Picasso of the face:) and she truly loves what she does and it shows! Not only is her work perfection she is a very kind sweet soul! Love her!

August T. July 28, 2023

Dr Madeline did such a great job with my lips and botox I will for sure be coming back for her professionalism.

Boujee J. July 28, 2023

Lumier Medical Spa is a step up compared to others I have used in the past. Maddy is absolutely the best! I couldn’t be happier with the results. Not only is she incredibly artistic, she is very compassionate, making sure you have the best experience, with the least amount of discomfort. She goes above and beyond to be gentle. Very Professional and personable. She follows up always with her clients. She is a very special person, and I will be a lifelong client.

Teri H. July 28, 2023

It was truly a blessing to meet Madelein. She is a true artist in what she does. She is also very professional and honest. I was nervous to get fillers around my eyes, and Madelein explained thoroughly what she was going to do and what I could expect. I live in Florida and every time I visit AZ I am sure to stop and see her for touchups.


Debbie R. July 28, 2023

Madeleine is truly an artist and her passion for what she does is apparent. Beautiful work. Professional. Reliable. I wish I could give her more stars.


Iris S. July 28, 2023

Madelein has exceptional skills when it comes to facial improvements/ rejuvenation. She’s a true artist, very meticulous and will take a few years of your face. And she is a very nice and accommodating lady. Highly recommend her.


Yael L. July 28, 2023

My experience with Madelein was incredible. She is professional, personable, a true artist of the face; which is exactly what you want when choosing someone. She takes her time to make sure perfection is achieved. She’s just as great at follow up care. I could go on and on. I HIGHLY recommend her!


Bethany W. July 28, 2023

My mom and I went to see Madelin last week for botox and fillers and went back today for touch-ups. This is the third time we've been to see her and every time we're thrilled with our results! Madelin is a true artist and your face is her canvas! 🙂 She takes her time and listens to what you're trying to achieve and will also work with the budget you have. She makes you feel relaxed and comfortable and does not push anything on you. She is a gem in the industry and the only person I trust with my face! We can't recommend her enough and will certainly be back!


N. S. January 6, 2021

I’ve had the best experience with Madeline. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking beautiful results.

Brandon G. December 6, 2020

Excellent experience!! The owner was warm, knowledgeable and professional. She took time and care to do an exceptional job and I'm looking forward to get results! Will definitely be back.


Rachelle D. October 21, 2020

I met Madelein few years ago and I still see her regularly for my filler injections and Botox. She is amazing and really professional. She spend time before any procedure to understand what is the best solution for me. She makes me feel really comfortable and safe. Great person and amazing professional nurse. I recommend her 100%. Thank you Madelein.

Stefania D. August 6, 2020

I absolutely LOVE and ADORE Madeliene. She takes her time to make sure my lips come out perfectly! We always have great conversations and laughs together! I will never go to anyone else.

Alexis C. August 6, 2020

I've been coming to Lumier Medical Spa for the past couple of years and I'm extremely happy with the results. Madeline is a true professional and makes you look amazing. I also like the fact that prices are affordable.

Patricia P. August 6, 2020

I’ve been to Madaline several times and have had nothing but great service each visit! She’s very professional and takes her time with you. I would highly recommend her and will continue to schedule my injections with her!

Sheley S. August 6, 2020

Reading the previous review about how awful Madeline is and im like that can not be same person!! She is the sweetest lady very good at what she does too!! Im the biggest baby but i have had my lips done and love them!! Ive gone back and had filler under eyes and a area that was indented in my forehead =Life Chaninging!!! Dont let 1 bad review keep you away believe me you will love her ❤

Kym H. August 6, 2020

Madelein is awesome! She has been taking care of me and my imperfections for years! My daughter had her 1st session a month ago, she is in love! I’ve recommended friends and family to see her, I say the same to you! Go see Madelein you won’t be disappointed!

Nicole August 6, 2020

Madelein is amazing she is the sweetest person! She is a perfectionist! I love my lips will forever go back to her ! 💗

Brianna C. August 6, 2020

I just LOVE this women! It’s impossible not too! From the moment you walk in the door to the moment you leave you know you are in good hands. There are not a lot of people I trust with my face but I can tell you other than the swelling I’ve never been anything but completely happy. Love Love Love!!!!!!!!!!

Teela P. August 6, 2020

Have been going to Lumier med spa for a few years now and have always been thrilled with my results! Great service, always honest on what products she recommends, amazing prices you can’t find anywhere else and she takes the time to explain what she is doing and make sure you are comfortable and pleased with the results. I have brought multiple people with me and have had friends/family go by themselves and they were absolutely thrilled as well.

Noah G. August 6, 2020

Madelein is the best ever - always prompt, cheerful, informative, gentle and she LISTENS to what her clients want, and then PERFORMS! Her results are spectacular. I'm not one for an unnatural look, such as you often see, rather I prefer to be subtlety enhanced, just keeping gravity and age at arms length while I can. Madelein delivers, using the skill of a true artist in the gentlest possible way. Her facility is elegant, super-clean, and conveniently located to the 101.


Foofoowabbit X. June 10, 2020

Madelein has been doing my face with injectables for a few years now...She is also an artist, a sculptor.....She creates art with her hands and has an eye for beauty. I have had my LIPS done by many before and they have never looked so beautiful and natural as what Madelein has done. She uses a MICRO CANNULA Which results in less bruising and less swelling the results are phenomenal!!! She has been able to chisel my face my jaw line and create results I thought only a plastic surgeon could!!!

Dena K. March 6, 2020

I been going to Madeline for over a year now ... she is awesome she does a amazing job ... I won’t go any where else.. she will be the person I always go to for my fillers ... once you go to her you won’t go to anyone else .. I’m so so so happy with how good my face looks .. I’m 48 and have No wrinkles .. Thanks to Madeline and the amazing job she does!!!

Tammy S. January 6, 2020

After meeting Madeline I would look no further!


Tanya A. January 6, 2020

You need to look no further. Madeline is the best artistic and knowledgeable filler injector individual whom I have ever used. I am 69 yrs. old and started with Botox at 50. I have had all kinds of fillers injected in my face by so many spas, but Lumier Spa is the best and has the best prices. (I also had a full face lift 8 yrs. ago, so maintenance is very essential. I will never let anyone else work on me except Madeline!


Mary Ann H. January 6, 2020

My mom and I went to see Madelin last week for botox and fillers and went back today for touch-ups. This is the third time we've been to see her and every time we're thrilled with our results! Madelin is a true artist and your face is her canvas! 🙂 She takes her time and listens to what you're trying to achieve and will also work with the budget you have. She makes you feel relaxed and comfortable and does not push anything on you. She is a gem in the industry and the only person I trust with my face! We can't recommend her enough and will certainly be back!


Karyn F. June 4, 2019

I have to say Madeleine is just simply wonderful. I was referred from one of her clients and everything she said about her was true! This was my first experience getting any kind of Botox or fillers and I honestly wasn't sure exactly what I wanted done but knew the areas I wanted to fix. Madeleine took the time to listen to what I was looking for and also took the time to study my face and provide some suggestions on how to get the desired outcome. She explained everything and was so sweet through the entire process. I couldn't be happier with my results, very natural and better than I expected. She's truly talented and you will not be disappointed!

Jessica R. February 12, 2019

Very knowledgeable operator and exceptionally gentle with the injections! I will return!

Janet J. February 12, 2019

Madeleine is a genius, so skilled, caring, professional and artful.

Susie D. February 12, 2019

Amazing results, friendly, explained everything in detail, and there was virtually no down time.
I will not be using one else. I have heard and seen too many horror stories. Do yourself a favor, use someone that knows what they are doing!

Anthony E. July 28, 2018

My visit was very professional, comfortable and Madelein takes her time to explain the procedure. You can tell she is passionate in what she does and cares about your results. She is prompt to respond to any questions you have about the procedure, before and after, and will make sure you are satisfied with the work well after your visit. With all of the horror stories around other spa’s, it’s important to visit a professional that is passionate in what she does. This is just that.

Buck July 28, 2018

I had been on the fence about getting my lips done for quite sometime. After meeting with Madeleine, I decided to do it. She did an a amazing job! She walked me through every step, and is a perfectionist at what she does. The end result is that I have lips, at long last, that are not over done. I highly recommend her services!!

Stacie F. July 28, 2018

As good as it gets is spot on! Madelein looks upon what she does as an art, and it shows. She has a gentle hand, a great eye, supreme product knowledge and really takes her time. I stopped having my tear troughs filled years ago after some unfavorable results. As happy as I was with the other work Madelein did, I decided to give trust to the procedure again and I'm so glad I did. I will never go to anyone else again!

J. A. July 26, 2018

THIS PLACE IS AMAZING. So friendly and always make you feel comfortable. The results are outstanding as well:) highly recommend

Cassidy J. July 18, 2018

THE BEST!! Always leave feeling better. Beauty is her forte

Leigh-Anne S. May 29, 2018

"Madeline always takes time with her clients. She has an eye for symmetry and aesthetics. She’s kind and will fit you in if you have travel or an event. I highly recommend her!"

Barbara V. May 3, 2018

Really enjoyed Madelein. She was so sweet and did an excellent job on my lips. Didn't mind the location as stated by a previous reviewer. Was a little hard to find but good location (for me anyway) in general.

Marta K. May 2, 2018

"Madeleine is a very talented artist. She has a soothing demeanor and explained every step. I’m very pleased with my results and I will be coming back for more. I love that she insists on perfection in every aspect of her services."

Michelle R. May 2, 2018

"I don’t usually rate businesses, but in this case I am compelled to say that Madeline performed the most careful and thoughtful injection session I have ever had. I’ve used about 15 didn’t places over the last 18 years and she did a fantastic job and took her time sculpting after the injections. I am very impressed and will definitely use her from here on out!"

Kat C. May 1, 2018

Madelein is a nurse who is a caring and careful professional. She handled everything from start to finish with thoughtful precision. I had used another Groupon coupon for sclero treatment in the past, and while it was fine, it was not outstanding. This experience with Madelein was outstanding.

Alexia M. April 17, 2018

"Madeline is very professional, honest and went out of her way to make me happy. I am very impressed with the way she handles her business."

Christy C. April 17, 2018

Madelein is the absolute best!!! I am so thankful for having found her through a friends reference! She’s the best you can possibly get and keeps you looking so natural! Have been recommending her to everyone!

Laura T. April 12, 2018

"The best service ever!! I am now a lifelong customer!"

Karlin S. April 1, 2018

"Madelein is great! She is extremely attentive to detail and takes a lot of pride in her work. I have gone to her for several sclerotherapy treatments and for filler. She did a wonderful job and I highly recommend her!"

Alivia W. March 22, 2018

"Absolutely loved the experience I had and have returned several times."

Fredilee D. March 13, 2018

Best experience I have ever had. The staff is friendly and kind. Madelein explained everything in detail and made me feel at ease. The results, better than I could ever imagined. Wow!!

Anthony E. March 1, 2018

"She's great pray attention she very professional I would recommend her to all my friends and families"

Johanne M. February 11, 2018

"A beautiful salon with thoughtful care given to each guest. Also, excellent and competitive prices. I am a repeat customer."

Donovan L. February 3, 2018

"Best experience ever. I felt like she really cared about the end result and how I felt. She also told me to come back for any reason if I didn’t like it after the swelling went down...I’ll definitely be back!"

Margaret H. February 1, 2018

"Madeline is very pesonal, knowledgable and professional. I will be returning!"

Libby D. January 24, 2018

"Madelein is a top-notch provider of the services she offers. She has the patience, knowledge, and skill required for her field. I bought 2 sclerotherapy sessions and just completed my first. I am very very impressed I must say! Madelein explains everything, answers all questions and is extremely gentle providing a nearly pain free experience. I will be returning for other services."

Kathleen C. January 12, 2018

The ultimate of ultimate. I only trust my face to Maddy. Cant compare when you're no.1

Felicia C. January 6, 2018

"Im new here from South Florida. I was super concerned I would not be able to find someone good. I can’t even begin to say enough good things. She was absolutely amazing. A true perfectionist. Se took her time and really looked at my facial features to give me the best results. I am now a lifetime client. If you are interested in fillers you should definitely try Lumier med spa."

Rose A. December 25, 2017

"My experience was amazing!! My brow lift changed my entire face structure!! She is awesome!!! I would recommend her to anyone."

Tanya M. December 23, 2017

"Great service"

Lorian H. December 11, 2017

"I had a great experience. Loved the difference!"

J S. December 9, 2017

"My experience has always been exceptional! She takes time to understand what you want and is very gentle while doing the treatment!"

Irene Y. December 7, 2017

"I found Madeleine through Groupon and I am so glad I did. She really takes her time to make sure you are happy with results. She is very gentle and works hard to make sure you are comfortable. I will be back to see her again!"

Sandy C. December 4, 2017

"Madeleine is the most sweetest, kindest, woman I have met in my life. She is immensely talented at what she does. She is the only injectable specialist I see now and I have seen MANY. None of them compare to Madeleine's talent. She will analyze your face and tell you exactly what works best for your face. If I could give her 10 star review I would! I love her so much!!! GO see Madeleine !!!"

Omeed M. November 18, 2017

"Madelein is the best - I will only see her from now on- she is knowledgeable & proficient in her skills & just a wonderful, kind person. Amazing results!!! I have never been happier & will tell all my friends! I will be back !!!"

Debbie M. November 8, 2017

"I have gone to approximately 7 different offices over the last couple years for botox, dysport, and fillers in my cheeks or lips. The people who administered my applications have been nurses, plastic surgeons and doctors. And I have enjoyed them all, and thankfully, I have never had a bad experience. But HANDS DOWN, Madelein at Lumier Medical Spa has been the best. I will never go to anyone else!"

Amanda P. November 1, 2017

"What an amazing experience in every way. Highly recommended. Very committed to making sure her clients are 100% satisfied. I absolutely love Lumier!"

Sherry A. November 1, 2017

"Great experience!"

Melinda A. October 30, 2017

"Madelein was very professional and knowledgable, along with being very skillful. I was very impressed."

Alice K. October 26, 2017

"Madeleine was wonderful! Very professional and guided me through the whole process. Would highly recommend!"

Sonya C. October 13, 2017

"Madeline is by the the best in the valley! I've been going to her for a while now for Dysport and Vobella. She is conservative and has an incredible eye for detail and perfection. I have told all my friends and family about her and couldn't be happier. See her once and you'll never go anywhere else!"

Drew B. September 28, 2017

"Madelein was so sweet and she made me feel so comfortable. I was very nervous about my procedure and she also discussed a better way for me to get better results and she was right !! I'm very happy with the results I got. I'm definitely going back and I'm definitely recommending her to my friends."

Megan M. September 13, 2017

"A little hard to find, but well worth it. Probably the best Dysport I've ever had done. Very even."

Kim R. September 7, 2017

"Very professional. Great service."

Lyndsey F. September 3, 2017

"Terrific experience! Very thorough and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Lumier!"

Susan S. August 29, 2017

"Madeline is one of the best injectors i have ever had, including most of the plastic surgeons i have seen. She is very highly skilled and does incredible work. I would recommend her to anyone."

Johanna C. August 25, 2017

"Madelein at Lumier Medical Spa was friendly, welcoming and professional. She made me feel at ease with receiving my service. Her prices are very resaponable and I will be a return customer."

Donovan L. August 18, 2017

"My injections look incredible and natural. Technician was very cautious in placement & her skill level & knowledge mad this one of the best Groupons I have purchased. I will be going back for Juvederm and will refer to her as well!!"

Arlynn J. July 13, 2017

"In the past I've had some medical enhancements done at other locations and after doing some research I decided on Lumier medical spa. As soon as I entered the building I was greeted in a beautiful atmosphere by a friendly receptionist and then by my technician, Madeleine, shortly afterwards. She personally walked me into a very relaxed and soothing room decorated with tasteful furnishings which made you feel right at home. Madeleine then proceeded to inform me of what procedures were available and what I would like to have done and then what her recommendations would be per my requests. All the while, she made me feel very confident in her knowledge and care about the product and her customers. After my procedure with several fillers was complete, I could immediately see results occurring and after a few days I was so please with the outcome.Madeleine was gentle,efficient,pleasant and very conscientious of any discomfort you might be experiencing. Before I knew it..I was done and the following week I came back for some touchups to finalize the procedure. I definitely plan on being a repeat customer to the Lumier medical spa. I highly recommend Madeleine services to anyone who wants to enhance their natural beauty, rather it be a one time appointment or for those like myself who will now continue my beauty routine through Lumier. I couldn't be more happier, and for that matter, neither could my husband!
Thank you,

L G. July 7, 2017

"Love it!"

Erica C. July 1, 2017

"Madeline is wonderful! She made veins vanish with absolutely no discomfort. So funny too! Great experience."

Karlin S. June 28, 2017

"This place is the best! It's not close for me but 100% worth the drive. All of my friends have been coming here for a while! Wish they would have told me sooner!!!!"

Teela P. June 26, 2017

"Fabulous experience! Madeline made me feel extremely comfortable. She is kind, gentle and very sweet. Would highly recommend her to anyone! :)"

Aimee D. June 25, 2017

"Have been to this spa a few times now!!! Madeline is the best! The product she uses isn't diluted and works right away!! I have been doing Botox and dysport for years and this is by far one of the best places i have gone to! Definitely check her out!! Can't wait to go back for microneedling:)"

Tammy N. June 22, 2017

"Great work! I would highly recommend their services. I'll be going back for sure."

Melissa L. June 22, 2017

"Madeline is amazing! She does a great job and I am a repeat customer. All my friends go to her now too. Hard to find someone who knows what they are doing and she won't tell you to do anything you don't need. She is great at making everything look natural."

Alicia A. June 21, 2017

"Madeline is amazing! After I went to her the first time I recommended her to all of my friends. We all have been nothing but satisfied with her services. She is very precise and professional. Doesn't push products on to you and does an amazing job."

Tammy N. June 21, 2017

"Madeline is amazing! I don't know how anyone can say otherwise. I am a repeat customer and have many friends going to her as well, all the time! She won't do anything unless you need it. She is skilled at what she does. I've done several different products with her and have been happy with every single one!"

Alicia S. June 21, 2017

"Madeleine has a soft, steady hand and produces great results!"

Katy H. June 20, 2017

A small private practice in Scottsdale. Madelein was professional and gentle, answered all the questions that I had. It will be 3+ weeks to see results (Asclera tx on spider veins), but fingers crossed!

Nic P. June 10, 2017

"Great and friendly service."

Leah R. June 9, 2017

"LOVE this place. Madelin is so very skilled at her profession. She takes the time to really access your needs and wants."

Beth H. June 8, 2017

"LOVE this place. Madelin is very skilled at her profession, she always takes time to assess what you want and will make suggestions. I have never felt rushed or "upsold" as with other med spas. My face looks AMAZING!! Thank you Madelin - you are the BEST in the valley hands down!!"

Beth H. June 7, 2017

"Definitely will come back."

Nika P. May 20, 2017

"Loved it, love the way my lips got sculpted! One syringe is never enough though!"

Mrs G. May 8, 2017

"This was my first time doing anything to my face and I was apprehensive, didn't want to look weird or "done". I did a good job over the years with my skin care, staying out of the sun, no smoking etc ... but with age 51 coming around, I saw I needed help. My friend recommended Madelein, she just wouldn't stop raving about her, so I went. Didn't know what I wanted and on a tight budget too. Madelein is AMAZING! I walked in her beautiful place, felt comfortable and at ease right away. "This is my budget, what can you do for me?". She filled my upper lip lines and many more just because she takes pride in her craft. She is meticulous and gentle, uber professional, takes her time answering questions and it was pretty painless. In fact, I will be going back for more soon because the results are so natural looking and beautiful. No hesitations here, you will not be disappointed!"

Veronique E. May 4, 2017

"Very gentle experience... highly recommend!"

Cheryl L. May 4, 2017

"I have been to several valley med spas....and I have to say that Madelein has to be the best hands down. She not only made it completely painless compared to others giving the same procedures, but she actually takes the time to give you all kinds of information, that no other has ever bothered to tell me, which was invaluable!! I will never go anywhere else again!!! Great prices too."

Tara S. May 3, 2017

"This is the best spa I have found this far! My search is over! I will continue to use Madelein from now on. I had dysport and restalin done same day and was so happy with the results that I went back next day to have my lips done! Madelein​ did such a wonderful job! She made me so comfortable and answered all my question! She is the real deal! I will not be going anywhere else!"

Gina P. April 25, 2017

Madeleine is very thorough and gentle. Very comfortable experience.

Patricia P. April 24, 2017

"Madeline is very gentle and precise.I would definitely recommend her."

Holly C. April 11, 2017

"This was perfect. Madeline was great and very detailed in getting al my viens."

Monica M. March 22, 2017

"Madeline is absolutely hands down the best. Very caring and knowledgeable. Darling office! My new go to place for looking my best! Thank you! Thank you!"

Beth H. March 15, 2017

"Hands down the best med spa. Madeline is gentle and super skilled. Love her!"

Beth H. November 20, 0201

"My experience was so professional and intimate. You are invited in for each appointment, so if you are shy to trying this. Try here."

Tanya M. November 2, 0201

"Madiline at Lumier was a pure joy! I will be using her from now on. She answered all my questions and concerns, made me feel comfortable, injections were painless, and i couldn't be happier with the results! Already planning my next appointment! ! Thank you Madiline"

Gina P. March 26, 0201