*WE RECOMMEND SCHEDULING ALL APPOINTMENTS ONLINE. The calendar is real-time, and constantly updated. If you have any issues with scheduling, we are happy to assist. Consultations and treatments are done in the same visit. Non-candidates may request a refund from Groupon.  Please call or text (480) 630-6166 or (480)244-5544 for information.

*Please do not schedule an appointment less than 10 days before surgery or medical procedure to the same treatment area, in order to permit proper healing.

Be aware that bruising is likely after injectable fillers. To minimize the chances of bruising, we recommend icing the area and avoiding products that can “thin” your blood, such as aspirin,  Motrin, Coumadin (do not stop taking this without permission from your doctor), vitamin E, fish oil and red wine. Arnica Montana pellets and gel helps prevent bruising if used before and after treatment, as well as eating fresh pineapple.

Please DO NOT schedule SCLEROTHERAPY within 10 days of flying, to prevent blood clots; also, please arrive at your appointment with a pair of compression stockings, and bring, or wear, clothing that allows easy access to your legs, such as a skirt or a pair of shorts.

Please review Groupon policy regarding Groupon redemption before scheduling. Thank you.